Ten Gift Ideas For the Gardener on Your Shopping List

One of the most popular hobbies around is gardening and there’s nothing a true gardener loves more than to receive gardening related gifts. There are hundreds of gardening gift ideas for both the beginner and expert gardener. The fun thing about gardening gifts is that they are easy to find and can be purchased just … Continue reading “Ten Gift Ideas For the Gardener on Your Shopping List”

One of the most popular hobbies around is gardening and there’s nothing a true gardener loves more than to receive gardening related gifts. There are hundreds of gardening gift ideas for both the beginner and expert gardener. The fun thing about gardening gifts is that they are easy to find and can be purchased just about anywhere including online.

1- If buying a gardening gift for a beginner, an instructional or informational book is always a good idea. There are many books available on organic gardening, themed gardens and general purpose books that cover a little bit of everything.

2- If your gardening friend is also computer literate, a garden and landscape planning program could also be much appreciated, there are some very realistic ones available now.

3- Whether giving to a novice or experienced gardener, a plant, seeds or bulbs is always a great gardening gift if you have an idea of what they like or want. A beginner is probably more open to trying different kinds of plants whereas an experienced gardener probably has specific ideas about what they want in their flower beds. A vegetable gardener would surely appreciate seeds for their preferred vegetables or even seedlings. A gardener who loves to cook is sure to appreciate a gift of herb plants.

4- Theme gardening gifts using plants can also be loads of fun. An herb can come with an attached card including a recipe using that herb. A plant that produces nectar and will attract butterflies can be coupled with a book on butterflies (or hummingbirds).

5- Possibly the best and most common, gardening gift is gardening tools. This can be anything as simple as a hoe or rake to something more expensive like a tiller or compost bin. Some favourites are gloves, hedge trimmers, and sprinklers. If you are buying for someone with arthritis who just can’t bring themselves to give up their favourite past time and excellent give would be one of any number of the ergonomic gardening tools available now. There are many that have been approved by the Arthritis Society.

6- There are gardening journals available to keep track of flowers planted, care and pockets to keep seed packets and plant information sticks organized.

7- A more personal gift that requires a little more effort and is rarely though of is a calendar. You can create a beautiful one yourself using sites such as Cafe press, Kodak or Shutterfly, using photos of the recipients own garden and flowers.

8- A farmer’s almanac is also a good idea, it is full of information regarding the weather, moon phase, when to plant, when to prune; it is the best guidebook to gardening there is. A magazine subscription is a gift that gives all year long, something that is appreciated during the long winter months when it isn’t possible to indulge your passion. Many hours can be spent flipping pages and dreaming about all the things we are going to do as soon as the weather allows.

9- The ultimate gardening gift is for any gardener is a gift certificate to a nursery or store where gardening tools or plants are available. This way, your friend can get any tool they do not have in their collection, or any kind of plant their heart desires.

10- Additional gardening gift ideas include stepping stones, plant markers, decorative pots and hangers, garden art or even the simple gift of dirt, mulch or fertilizer (any real gardener would find this to be an excellent gift. One of my mother’s favourite gifts was bags and bags of dirt and sheep manure)

Coming up with the perfect gift idea can be a chore when you have no idea what to give. If you have gardeners for friends, a gardening gift will be a sure hit and it will make your gift buying simple and appreciated.

How to Make Your Garden the Envy of Town

There is a wise saying that goes “The grass is always greener on the other side”. How true is this saying? We often fight feelings of jealously when we see at our neighbor’s garden looking prettier than ours. In order to keep up appearances, you have bought and used garden fertilizers, manures, watered your garden daily but your garden still looks the same. If this is your story, do not get discouraged because ‘where there is a will there is always a way’.

In this article, I will share with you nine cost-effective tips that will make your garden the envy of town. You garden will attract different species of butterflies, squirrels and rare birds.

The first thing is to research on gardening. You don’t need to spend a fortune buying gardening books; you can get a lot of gardening information on the internet. Use the information gathered, to prepare a tentative budget.

Secondly, cultivate your garden and uproot all the dead leaves, weeds, dandelions, moss e.t.c. If you are using a weed killer make sure it is not the strong kind because it will end up damaging the tender seedlings that you will plant in your garden.

Thirdly, once your garden is properly cultivated, plant seedlings and deposit fertilizer on them. Planting seedlings as opposed to fully grown plants is much more affordable and cost-effective. Ensure the fertilizer you purchase has nitrogen because it’s a weed killer. The fertilizer should be applied at least four times in the year. This effort will make your garden grow without interferences from pests and rodents.

Fourthly, water your seedlings daily with a hose pipe. It’s advisable to water the garden early in the morning or late in the evening. Ensure the water sprinkled is at least two inches to prevent the sun from scotching the seedlings.

Five, fence your garden with neat picket fences painted with the color of your choice. Fencing your garden will keep away unwanted animals or children running around your freshly cultivated and planted garden.

Six, continue with the routine until you see your garden taking shape. Don’t neglect cultivating your garden because weeds, dry leaves, papers will attack your garden.

Seven, fit your garden with lawn lighting and place mirrors around your garden to give the illusion of space. Fairy lights placed around your garden fence and lanterns will make your garden look spectacular especially at night.

Eight, invest in some outdoor furniture like garden tables, chairs, parasols and barbeque grills for cooking steak and sausages in the middle of a hot afternoon. Place decorative paving slabs in your garden so that your grill and garden furniture don’t rest on your freshly cultivated garden.

Lastly, gardening is all about experimentation. You can have the garden of your dreams if you are will and committed to work at it. A garden is like a baby the more you nourish and feed it with the correct essential nutrients the more it will flourish and blossom to everyone’s delight.

Add Vegetables and Flowers in August For Mid-Summer Boost in Southern California Gardens

Planting vegetables and flowers in August will give your Southern California garden a mid-summer pick-me-up just as spring-planted vegetables and flowers begin to lose their luster.

Tomatoes: Plant a second crop of tomatoes in full sun from starter plants. As current tomato plant production begins to wane, new plants will start to produce and ripen by November.

Other Late Summer Vegetables to Plant: Plenty of vegetables can be planted in August with a fall harvest target date. They include beans, celery, corn, cucumbers, lima beans and summer squash. Use starter plants instead of seeds for best results.

Plant Herbs: An assortment of herbs can be planted in August and still provide a hearty harvest. Plant basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, thyme and mint from transplants. The plants will thrive through fall.

Plant Summer Blooming Trees: Some trees can be planted even in summer heat. These summer blooming trees include Jacaranda, Magnolia Grandiflora and Crape Myrtle.

Plant Your Annuals: Plant summer annuals including cosmos, zinnias and marigolds from transplants for quick color. Trim dead flowers daily to keep plants producing longer. Plant seeds for cool season annuals. Start them indoors to better control sun and temperature exposure. These annuals include calendula, delphiniums, pansies and snapdragon.

Trim Perennials: Perennials may begin to look scraggily about this time. Consider pruning to only a few inches. These hearty plants will bounce back quickly later in the year or next spring with healthier and fuller growth.

Water Wisely: Watering plants can take up most of your garden time in August, especially if hand watering. Remember to water early in the morning, two-to-three times a week. Water should soak in at least five or six inches below the surface. Container plants that are always wilting despite constant watering should be moved to a shadier location.